Anti-Aging And HGH Treatments

The human growth hormone is actually produced in everyone’s body in the pituitary gland of everyone. It is distributed throughout everyone’s lifetime. It helps children grow and plays a role in metabolism later in life. It helps with growth and development. Some athletes take it because they believe it helps increase muscle mass. Experts believe if it is used on a short term basis, it is safe. However long term use, can be dangerous.


If given to older adults, they experience joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems. Also, long term effects have not been studied in depth. The procedures are also very expensive. Some pharmaceutical companies are working on developing it into a pill form rather than injections.

Have you heard of HGH treatments? It may be the next anti aging treatment of the future. As we grow older, we no longer produce as many hormones and our metabolisms slow down.

Researchers believe that HGH treatments helped participants in a study trial gain muscle tone back, they had an increase in their libido and their immune system improved. They also stated, they felt healthier and their memory improved.

Also other treatments with DHEA have shown to help with signs of premature aging and at one time, it was thought to help combat cancer. However, new research shows that it may increase your risk of getting cancer.

Some people have tried using it with melatonin and have had successful results. Some people have had successful results using this for anti aging purposes. Some experts state it helps with insomnia. However, others have found that it interferes with their sleep and they have had bad dreams.

Another anti aging treatment that has been helpful is telomerase. This treatment, has very few, if any side effects. It has been proven safe for almost everyone.

Physicians recommend that you try other treatments with HGH such as garlic. It has proven to be very effective in the anti aging process. It helps maintain a youthful, soft appearance. It also helps improve the liver and digestive system as well as lower blood pressure. It also helps people who have had a history of cardiac problems.

The famous gingko biloba has proven to be effective against memory loss. It also helps with vision problems and it improves blood flow throughout the body which will reduce the risk of having a stroke.

Have you considered your diet and what you are eating? You may want to eat some coconuts, almonds and bananas. These foods are all considered sleep aids because they help people have a peaceful, restful sleep.

However you may want to consider getting back to the basics such as getting a full eight hours of sleep every night, as well as eating a nutritious diet and exercising.


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